Vector illustration of Cute dog cartoon sitting isolated on white background

It is a command that is a bit confusing before your dog can master it. It is because some dogs dislike staying still, but do not worry, because they will know it with more practice.

Steps to teach them to “Stay”:

  1. Commence by saying “stay” and “down.”
  2. Tell them to stay with a calm voice while holding your hand with palm forward in front of your chest.
  3. If you’re using a “clicker method” press, it then gives them a treat.
  4. After it, use the word down then take a step back while ordering them to stay. Slowly raise a distance from them while maintaining a stay position.
  5. At first, if they do not understand the command, do not yell at them when they make a mistake.

Remember that you can go on to the next level once they learn the stay and down command. Teach them the sit command using the same approach.

Yelling at the dog will create fear and will prevent the dog from completing to the command.

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