Some trainers prefer to use the command “Let’s go”, “Forward” or “With me” when walking their dog. Whatever you decide to use, use the same word always when working together. Teach family members the same word, to keep it consistant. Everyone using the same word will help the dog and not confuse them.

To start, have your dog stand/sit on your left side and hold his leash. Have is favorite toy on your right side, “I prefer a sqeaky toy”. Place your right arm across the front of your body, so the toy is above and slightly in front of his head. Encrourage him to look up at the toy as you give the command heel with a confidence.

Your dog should step forward as soon as your right leg goes forward and he should be looking at the toy. The dog should be following the toy and if not, squeak it to get his attention back. Once you get his attention back, play with him using the toy for a couple of seconds and try walking again. Once his attention is back on you for a few seconds, give him the toy as a reward. This will help your dog to happily heel by your side on leash.

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