This is one of the simplest commands that a dog can master in just a few days. They sit automatically and all you need to do is to sync the command with the action. Dogs who learn the action and sound for the command, learns to obey the command with the luring of a treat. Open communication with your dog makes your bonding stronger and very manageble.

Steps to teach them to sit:

  • Have a tasty treat in your hands and let them smell it by placing it close to the nose. Do not release the treat. Let them follow the treat with their nose.
  • Raise your hand and they should follow your hands, as soon as they drop their rear to the floor mark it with the command Sit give them them the treat.
  • Do this tasking when ever they want something, once they sit, give them the vocal command sit, give them the treat in joyful tone. Completing this command several times a day will help your dog to remember the command and understand that it is a good thing.
  • It is helpful to practice before their meal and through the day. The more practice, the more calm they will get and they will learn to be calm and patient. This is useful, because they learn to always pay attention to you.
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