This command could save your dog’s life. It is important that your dog “comes” when called. It is best to start indoors in a place without distractions. Squat down,
open your arms, say “Come,” then praise him as soon as he starts moving toward you. Be enthusiastic with a happy tone so that coming to you seems like the most exciting thing he could possibly do. Do not grab the puppy when he gets near you. Let them walk up close to you and smoothly reach out and gently rub his chest, and give him lots of praise.

Come” is a command that is very important, the recall “Come” will help you manage your dog. A good recall command will help you prevent any incidents with visitors or pets. A good recall will make sure your dogs come back to you instead of going to another dog or running away from you.

If your puppy does not come to you, then you slowly go to him and attach a leash. Take him back to the spot where you called him from and praise him the entire time you are calling him. This will show him that it is okay and it is best to obey and be able to play the game. You want to make sure you are also in a good mood and not tense so that you do not send him the wrong message. Remember you are not angry, you are having fun too. Once he successfully comes to you, you will give them a treat as a reward. A good reason to be happy!

Steps to teach them to “Come”:

  1. First, get a collar and leash, put it on them.
  2. Then get down to your dogs level and use the word “come”. Make sure you are happy and tug him, “Do not use an aggresive PULL” softly pull towards you to let him understand that you want him to come to you.
  3. When he “comes” back to you, happily show them that they did a great job by coming to you and reward them with a treat and lots of affection.

Once they are familiar with the command, they know that it is a good thing to come when called. You can be sure that if they get released from the leash, they would not run away and feel the safest place for them is near you. With more practice, the better they will get and not forget the command.

Remember “a leashed dog is a safe dog” and a loose dog may be liability that could result in negative outcome.