It is one single word that every dog should know.

How to teach them “No”:

  1. This command is perfectly demonstrated through the use of treats. Hold the pooch leash in front of them and put the treat on the table or floor. When you move the treat, you’ll notice that they will be provoked by it.The best way to teach them “No” command is by correcting them from getting the treat.
  2. By placing a treat on the floor, you are provoking them and they will come to investigate. At this time say the command “No” in a calm voice and cover the treat with your hand.
  3. When they start making an effort to get to the treat, this is the time you should be telling them “No”.
  4. When gently pulling the leash and they sit back, you should give them a treat and mark it with “Yes” while they sit back.
  5. This is an everyday command, so continue repeating this command every day and they will master it.

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